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It’s really hard to keep up with two different blogs, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of this one. If you’re interested in keeping up with my writing or are looking for a freebie read every now and then, make sure you’re following my blog, abiwalterswrites.

In the meantime, I know you’re dying to hear about my latest book! It’s called “Just You” and it’ the first book in a series about shifters. You don’t know about shifters? Let me introduce you to the magical world! My husband made fun of me for the longest time for being addicted to shifter romance, but after he read Just You, he’s dying for more. So if you’re like my husband, let me bring you to the dark side. We have sexy men who turn into bears!


I’m super proud of this book, and I’ve got to say, it’s my best story (and my best writing) so far. I switched over from third person to first person, which makes the plot so much more personable, I think. Anyhow. Ready to fall in love with a sexy mechanic who likes pancakes and just so happens to turn into a bear?

Escaping the ghosts that haunt her small Texas town after the loss of her best friend and nearly her own life, Callie Marshall ends up in the middle of Montana in a place named after bears. Her guilt and grief left her broken and alone- just what she wanted. She didn’t expect her table of burly lunchtime regulars to make her long for another life. She didn’t expect Parker.

Parker Oakley was drawn to the mousy waitress from the moment he saw her. Except, turns out she isn’t all that mousy and she definitely doesn’t need saved. After Callie’s true colors are shown, the shy waitress turned badass is the talk of the town. Parker thought he couldn’t get enough of her before, but he definitely can’t get enough of her now.

And when the ghosts of her past find their way from Texas to Brown Bear Valley, Parker will do anything to keep her safe. When his secret is revealed and the ghosts swallow Callie whole, their bonds are tested in ways neither expected.

Parker and Callie learn you can’t escape your past, but you can change your future…

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