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In the meantime, I know you’re dying to hear about my latest book! It’s called “Just You” and it’ the first book in a series about shifters. You don’t know about shifters? Let me introduce you to the magical world! My husband made fun of me for the longest time for being addicted to shifter romance, but after he read Just You, he’s dying for more. So if you’re like my husband, let me bring you to the dark side. We have sexy men who turn into bears!


I’m super proud of this book, and I’ve got to say, it’s my best story (and my best writing) so far. I switched over from third person to first person, which makes the plot so much more personable, I think. Anyhow. Ready to fall in love with a sexy mechanic who likes pancakes and just so happens to turn into a bear?

Escaping the ghosts that haunt her small Texas town after the loss of her best friend and nearly her own life, Callie Marshall ends up in the middle of Montana in a place named after bears. Her guilt and grief left her broken and alone- just what she wanted. She didn’t expect her table of burly lunchtime regulars to make her long for another life. She didn’t expect Parker.

Parker Oakley was drawn to the mousy waitress from the moment he saw her. Except, turns out she isn’t all that mousy and she definitely doesn’t need saved. After Callie’s true colors are shown, the shy waitress turned badass is the talk of the town. Parker thought he couldn’t get enough of her before, but he definitely can’t get enough of her now.

And when the ghosts of her past find their way from Texas to Brown Bear Valley, Parker will do anything to keep her safe. When his secret is revealed and the ghosts swallow Callie whole, their bonds are tested in ways neither expected.

Parker and Callie learn you can’t escape your past, but you can change your future…

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Sneak Peak into Wildflower!

Hi, everyone!

I decided that I wanted to share the first chapter of Wildflower so you can decide for yourself if you want to read the story, since I keep badgering everyone about it. So here we go! The link below will open up Chapter One as a PDF. If you’re interested in more of Cole and Elle’s story, it can be found on Amazon for Kindle!



Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy their story!

I’m a published author!

Hi, everyone! I haven’t posted to this blog in a while. I’ve been busy, which is no excuse, but I’m back to share with you what has exactly been keeping me away from the blog. I’ve published TWO books in my absence here. If you’re a fan of romance, keep on readin’ cause you’re in for a treat.


My first book, Breaking All the Rules, is an erotic romance novel that tells the story of Mia Barnes, a PR agent at a record industry, and a prominent entrepreneur, Benson Ward. Benson is the typical rich playboy, and Mia, who is confident in her sexuality, has a specific set of rules for getting to the top of her career and staying there. Number one on that list is never mixing business and pleasure. Her experience with men in the music industry led her down a bumpy road, but when she meets Benson, everything changes… and he’s not exactly in the music industry… but their relationship turns into something neither of them expected as they find out who they are while discovering each other.

You can get Breaking All the Rules on Amazon for $2.99, or with Kindle Unlimited, for free!


Next up is Wildflower, a story of a girl, her best friend’s brother, and a decade of missed opportunities and stolen glances. Elle Haynes fell for her best friend’s brother when she saw his picture at their house, but he was five years older and already at college. That didn’t stop her from developing major feelings for the brooding and enigmatic Cole Knight. The night of his sister’s graduation party, everything changes. Elle and Cole share a night under the stars. Five years later on the night of his sister’s wedding, Cole has returned from his overseas trip and doesn’t remember who Elle is. She’s dedicated to keeping her secrets, and he’s not looking for a reason to stay in Holland Hills. However, an electric touch rekindles the memories of their night together, and the decision to leave becomes a whole lot harder. Elle doesn’t want to hold him back, but Cole isn’t ready to let go of her again… what happens when the summer draws to an end?

Wildflower is available on Amazon for $2.99 or for free with Kindle Unlimited!

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